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Why Tutors Use Tootyr

1. It’s free!

We love tutors of all subjects and want to help you easily grow your business, share your passion and create a better world

2. Set your own rates

Get paid you’re full amount after every lesson, you get your full rate you charge. How is this possible? Students pay a small service charge to Tootyr for each transaction.

3. See your schedule on the go

You can use the mobile friendly site to manage your business, and you’ll receive email notifications when someone books an appointment, lesson reminders, and when you receive a payment.
4. Let students easily find you 

Automatically shows students where you are on a map, they book directly from your profile which you can share. Easily customize your profile with cover images and a profile picture. We have invested big in marketing Tootyr for the school season.

5. Receive $100 lesson gift coupon 

To get you started we are providing promo codes so you can give to your existing or new students to try out Tootyr before August 30th, 2016. When your student books a lesson with you through Tootyr and uses the code we will provide you, they get a $100 credit for lessons with you and you get paid the full amount. Email us here with the message “I’m In” and we’ll send you a promo code.

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2 Reasons Tutors are the Happiest


In an all-time favourite TED Talk “Happiness and it’s Surprises” cognitive researcher Nancy Etcoff looks at happiness — the ways we try to achieve and increase it.

Tutoring has all the elements for leading a happy life and with the assistance of technology, there has never been a better time to build a tutoring business.

Being a tutor is leading a  “Good Life” with the virtues that lead to happiness as described by Aristotle

  1. By always acquiring new intellectual virtues, the tutor is able to grow their skills, broaden horizons, expand their experiences and opportunities for greater abundance.
  2. The virtues of courage, temperance, and generosity are expressed in the everyday work of a tutor. Tutor’s are challenged to be patient, find new ways to teach each individual based on their unique learning abilities and be generous in sharing their knowledge.

Tutors who are able to do this while controlling their schedules, teaching environments and rate of pay are the happiest and living the good life.

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Your Call to Adventure! – Tutoring



In a world gone mad, tutors are bringing stability, hope, and opportunity.  Studies have proven that one-to-one lessons with a live tutor are the best way to teach skills such as language, math, technology, music and a vast array of subjects.

For kids needing help to keep up with classmates, new immigrants struggling to learn new languages and people requiring new technology skills relevant to the new world of work, or learning music tutors are making a difference.

Tootyr delivers students to you, manages your appointments, does all the scheduling and payments, and automates email communications, allowing you the flexibility to teach anywhere, so you can make a difference in the world doing what you do best.

Set your own rates and receive all of your fees immediately after each lesson.

Set up your free profile today and connect with hundreds of nearby students already registered looking for face-to-face lessons with you.

Watch the 1 minute video, Answer your call to adventure!

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The Way of the Tutor

The Good Life, Aristotle
Aristotle was a tutor, who invented “The Good Life” philosophy and also lived it.

Tutors have played an important role in society throughout history.

He tutored Alexander the Great while creating and living his most famous philosophy “The Good Life”.

Tutoring gave Aristotle the opportunity to acquire abundance, to explore the natural world and write over 100 books on subjects ranging from physics, music, linguistics, logic, politics and create the first western philosophy.

Today’s tutors are also living their dreams, reinventing the way they make a living, doing what they love, making a difference in the world and creating a new future.

The way of the tutor blog will explore the unique lifestyle that only tutoring can provide. We will provide tips on how tutors create a life-work balance while making meaningful contributions to their communities, sharing their passion on subjects they love, so others can benefit from their knowledge.

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