Education Stifles Genius Says NASA, Tootyr is on a Mission to Change That


Our inventive genius is stifled from the time we start school.

A NASA backed study of 1,600 school children conducted by Dr. George Land showed 5-year-olds had a 98% aptitude for creative genius, which fell to 12% by the time they were 15.

The highly specialized test was designed to effectively measure the creative potential of NASA’s rocket scientists and engineers. What about adults after years of schooling? Tragically only 2%.

“Imagination is better than knowledge”  Albert Einstein

Divergent thinking is like an accelerator it uses the imagination for creating choices and generating new ideas, while convergent thinking is like putting the brakes on and is for evaluating and criticizing, making judgments and decisions.

“We found that what happens to these children, as we educate them, we teach them to do both kinds of thinking at the same time.

When we actually looked inside the brain we found that neurons were fighting each other and actually diminishing the power of the brain because we’re constantly judging, criticizing and censoring,” says Land.

School systems were designed to instill conformity and prepare youth for the types of jobs that are now rapidly disappearing. Children starting school today will have to make a living and a life in a world radically different from this one when they graduate in 2030.

The Tootyr Solution

Tootyr founded by Fellowship of Man Award recipient David Blackmore already has an established site for on-demand tutors with over 1,000 users. The core foundation of Tootyr is based on the principals of divergent and convergent concepts that will permeate throughout all of its learning programs.

An ICO for the TootyrToken was launched on Canada Day, July 1st and end August 31st, 2018. Funds raised will enable Tootyr to create new features that allow students to develop their creative genius by providing content that encourages the use of the imagination to solve problems and make learning fun. Tootyr is expanding course content and delivery methods that will include pop up schools flipped learning models, human-centered design concepts and then scale worldwide in multiple languages. Check out the whitepaper here.