How it Works for Tutors

1.  Join Tootyr and set up your free account (if you already have an account select “Login”)

From the main menu select “JOIN” fill out the registration form, click “Complete Sign Up” at the bottom of page. That’s it.

2. Apply to become a tutor

Selecting “Apply” from the menu, We are currently only accepting Tutors in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada at this time. Fill out the Tutor application.

If you are already joined with Tootyr, your application will be linked to your profile email. If you haven’t already joined, please consider registering here first. This way, you can start building your profile while we process your application. We’ll send you the login information once your application is approved.

3. Build your profile and create your schedule

Log in using your user name and password from the main menu “Log In”. Click on your profile, follow instructions to upload photos and to edit and manage your profile and schedule.

The below video is a comprehensive guide to maximizing your profile’s potential. The written guide can be found here.


How much should I charge for lessons and what % does Tootyr take?

You receive the full amount of the rate you set. Tootyr will charge students a 10% service fee on top of your rate. Tutor’s set their own rates based on subject matter, level experience and whether lessons take place at the tutor’s studio or you visit the student in their home or other location.

Recommended Rates

Average Tutor rates for most academic subjects start at CAD $35- $45 per hour for University Student Tutors. It can go up to $50-60 per hour for Certified Teacher tutors. These rates vary depending on the grade level and subject of the students.

The average cost of music instrument lessons is between $15 and $40 for a 30-minute lesson. While this may be the average, keep in the mind that the price of piano lessons can vary depending on several factors, including where you live and your expertise.

These are our recommended prices, which you will receive for your services.

Academic/Math/Coding/Languages – Half Hour Rate

  • $15 half hour at the tutor’s location
  • $30 half hour in the student’s home or their location

Academic/Math/Coding/Languages – One Hour Rate

  • $25 hour at the tutor’s location
  • $50 hour in the student’s home or their location

Music – Half Hour Rate

  • $30 half hour in your studio.
  • $50 half hour in the student’s home or other location

Music – One Hour Rate

  • $50 hour in your studio
  • $70 hour in the student’s home or other location

How do I get paid?

You will receive a payment by email within 24 hours after each lesson for the full amount and will have several days to deposit in your bank account.

What happens when the student or I need to reschedule or cancel a lesson?

You or your student can reschedule 24 hours in advance by email. Reschedule requests are subject to student and tutor availability. If a student cancels a lesson you still receive the full amount of lesson. If you cancel the lesson without rescheduling the student receives a full lesson credit and you will not receive payment.