Tutor Profile Setup

Welcome to the Tootyr profile setup.

Experience has proven that tutors who have completed their profiles using high quality photos and short relevant bios attract the most students. By following these proven guidelines you should be able to maximize your student base, and by extension, your income.

When your application was approved, you were emailed a temporary password. If you would like to change your password now, simply click on “Lost your password?” and enter your email address.

You will be sent a link to change your password to something you can remember.

Once you’ve logged into Tootyr for the first time, you should check on your profile. To do so, click on “Account” at the top of the page. This will pull up your profile page. As you can see, it’s divided up into a series of tabs to help students discover more about individual tutors.

Having a full profile will go a long way to marketing yourself to potential students searching Tootyr. When you applied for Tootyr, you were asked to submit a photo of yourself. If you did, you should already see it.

If not, you can click on “Profile”, which will bring up the option to “Change Profile Picture”.

Simply click that, and find the picture you want to represent you.

The most effective photos are simple headshots of you smiling, avoiding props and accessories such as instruments, sunglasses or hats. A neutral, light coloured background is also more effective than a cluttered backdrop.

Once you’ve chosen your photo, click the upload button. You can also add a personalized Cover Image by selecting “Change Cover Image” and selecting a photo. The cover image helps express your personality, be it related to the subject you teach, or is reflective of your overall style.

You’ll also see that most of your Tutor information has been filled out when you were approved, but you can further refine it yourself at this point.

To edit your Tutor Information, select “Edit”

There are two tabs here, “Tutor Information” and “About”. About is separated, as it controls the display name you would like to use. You may never need to change it, but if you do, you would do so here.

Additional information, such as a short bio, and your location, can be edited in the “Tutor Information” tab.

For your bio, we suggest adding how long you’ve been a tutor for, some credentials, and how far you travel to teach.

If you don’t offer in-studio lessons, we recommend that you enter a postal code and city, so that you’ll be listed geographically in the system when students are searching for tutors near them.

To change your availability, click on “Appointments”.

The first tab will show any appointments you already have scheduled, which you’ll be visiting later. As students book lessons you will receive emails about them, and this tab will help you keep track of lessons, even on your mobile device.

For now, select “Appointment Settings”.

Use “My Working Hours” to fill out you basic availability to students. By setting a day of the week to “No”, students will see that day marked as “Unavailable” when they visit your profile.

“My Break Hours”, as the name suggests, allows you to set a time when you take a break from taking lessons.

By clicking on “My Exceptional Working Days”, you can add additional days on a temporary basis. If you normally don’t teach on Sundays, but want to do so for three weeks, simply select the dates on the pop up calendar. The start and end times are determined by the times for Sunday listed in “My Working Hours”, even if by default Sundays are set to “No”.

Conversely, if you’re going on holidays, or have to take a day off for other reasons, you select the dates in question in the pop up calendar, and they will be booked off.

Once this is done, you can view any changes by selecting the “My Schedule” tab.

You’re now ready to start sharing your profile with your students and across social media by copying the URL in the address bar.

Welcome to the Tootyr movement.