Remaining Human in a Digital World

Designing Education for the Whole Human Being.

In preparing students for the future, we should think less about AI and more about IA, or intelligence amplification: The idea that AI can enable our human abilities beyond what either machines or people can do alone.

Students need to understand at the very least some of the basic concepts of AI but just importantly how the human body and mind works, the value of nutrition and exercise, how to develop healthy relationships, to understand and take care of their own emotions and mental health, how to earn a living, and make good life.

This is the idea behind Tootyr, a platform with an already established site that will create new features to be built on the Ethereum Blockchain to provide students with multiple ways to learn.

Teachers are rated and provided incentives for creating courses, they interact with students in a variety of ways, even providing one-to-one in-person lessons, and pop up schools in communities. Programs based on human-centered and gaming concepts keep students engaged and having fun in healthy competition utilizing leaderboards and earning tokens while learning.

Profits are reinvested into original new programming to keep Tootyr at the forefront of education and to provide subsidies for needy students.

Tootyr just launched its token sale (ICO) on Canada Day, where supporters can purchase TootyrTokens (TRT) and help Tootyr create a better education for a better world.