Teach With Tootyr

Work on your own schedule

As a tutor, you’re independent and a self-starter. Whether you’re looking to tutor for a few hours on the weekend, or tutoring is your mission, it’s up to you. Be your own boss and control your schedule.

Choose your subjects

Follow you passion, we’re here to help. You choose the subjects you teach. When you sign up, you can choose to tutor in multiple subjects, and control the duration of your classes.

Love earning money again

There’s nothing like making money doing something you love. You receive 100% of your rate, which is emailed to you within 8 hours after the lesson takes place. Run those errands between lessons, or take a little time for yourself.

Stay updated all day

Worried about missing a lesson? Don’t fret, we have you covered. We notify you by email whenever your schedule changes, so sit back and relax, you’ll always be in the loop.

What it takes to be a tutor

Signing up with Tootyr is easy, but what does it take to be accepted as a tutor?

Simple. Tootyr looks for 3 key things in applicants:

  1. Proof of your abilities
  2. An active social media page or website
  3. The will to teach anybody

Start your profile today…

It’s easy to get started with Tootyr. Simply fill out our express application now, and we’ll create your account and send you all the details you need to build an effective profile.

Express Tutor Application

  • Tutoring Subjects

  • Once you submit your application, a standard account will be created for you on Tootyr.com. We'll send you all the information you need to create an effective profile, and verify your tutoring credentials.


… Or jump right in!

If you’re ready, you can fill out the full Tootyr application and we’ll get the verification process underway immediately.

Ready to become a tootyr?


Apply in minutes

Fill us in on who you are. What are you interested in teaching? Are you interested in higher level teaching? You will also be setting your rates as well as the duration of your lessons.




Education demands quality, so we take some time to review your application. We will set you up with an account after processing.


Get started!

Start building your profile. With a proper profile picture, cover photo and description, students will come to you.