The Way of the Tutor

The Good Life, Aristotle
Aristotle was a tutor, who invented “The Good Life” philosophy and also lived it.

Tutors have played an important role in society throughout history.

He tutored Alexander the Great while creating and living his most famous philosophy “The Good Life”.

Tutoring gave Aristotle the opportunity to acquire abundance, to explore the natural world and write over 100 books on subjects ranging from physics, music, linguistics, logic, politics and create the first western philosophy.

Today’s tutors are also living their dreams, reinventing the way they make a living, doing what they love, making a difference in the world and creating a new future.

The way of the tutor blog will explore the unique lifestyle that only tutoring can provide. We will provide tips on how tutors create a life-work balance while making meaningful contributions to their communities, sharing their passion on subjects they love, so others can benefit from their knowledge.

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