Tutors and the World of Tomorrow

World of Tomrrow

“Individuals will have more freedom to shape work to fit the way they want to live instead of fitting life into a work schedule.” Charles Handy, author the Age of Unreason.

The new world of work has arrived, just look around its happening in every sector. Fortunately for teachers and tutors of all types this new world of work is of tremendous benefit for our lifestyles and incomes.

It allows us to pursue rewarding and meaningful work within our communities and in our larger society, in ways we could not have imagined previously.

Tootyr lets teachers set their own rates, automate their schedules, and manage their entire business, while having students delivered to them. The continuous education, meet-up events,  and sharing of best practices allows tutors to be the best in their chosen field and be part of a community of educators.

It only makes sense to start building your lesson business now, whether for one-to-one students, or entire courses for large groups throughout the year.

Why not start preparing now for the working world of tomorrow.

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